Leukemia ! On October 25th, 2010 we received a call from Dr. Smith with the results from Bailey’s blood test taken earlier that day. “We found some abnormalities in Bailey’s blood”, he said. “She has a very high amount of young white blood cells (blasts), and a very low red blood cell count “. There was a long pause, a moment of silence. “What does that mean?” I said. He then said, “Bailey has leukemia”. For a moment, time froze. Our lives were going to forever change. All you can think of is death and the thought of loosing your baby girl. The worst feeling of all is the unknown, not knowing the outcome of this disease.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mom and Bailey

Because Bailey's neutrophil levels are so low, she is more vulnerable to infection.  Any time we leave the hospital room, she has to wear a mask, and the only way she wears a mask is for mom to wear a mask.
Here we are about to go see the fish.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Hickman Port

Today was a very long day, both for Bailey and Mom & Dad.  We started off with no food or drink after midnight.  All we heard all morning long was "bagel.... egg's"!  I had to keep telling her "lets tell the nurse", "they're getting it".  We headed down to the OR only to hear that our surgery got pushed back.  So two more hours went by with no food or drink.  Luckily Bailey was occupied with Grammy, Sister, Mom and Dad.  She passed the time with coloring, putting stickers on her breathing mask, then on her belly, and rubbing strawberry chap stick all over her face.  She then fell asleep with mom next to her side until it was time to take her into the operating room.  I got to go back with her and then cried all the way out.  It's so hard leaving your baby in someone else's care.  Brett and I waited and waited until we were paged to let us know her surgery was a success and her hickman catheter was now in place.  What a relief!  It was now time for those long awaited bagel and eggs!

Loving on Velvetine

For everything this little girl has gone through.... she sure is one happy little girl!  Here we are, about 10am, still with no food or drink, waiting to go in for surgery, and she's still as happy as can be.  We're so proud of you Baby!  You make us so happy!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Peacefully sleeping with Velvetine

Today Bailey got her PICC line removed.  What a long morning!  She had to have a temporary IV put in her wrist until tomorrow when she gets her Hickman catheter.  We had three nurses trying to find a good vein to put the temporary IV in.  After four different try's, bursting each vein they got, and Bailey pucking all over mom, nurse Kate finally got a good vein.  I'm so sorry my little baby has to go through all this!

A blessing from Papa

We had a little scare with Bailey's PICC line she had in her arm.  A blood clot had formed near the site of her PICC line and the doctors wanted the line removed immediately.  Papa, Elder Reynolds, and his companion came to the hospital to give Bailey a blessing.  Shortly after the blessing, a beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky outside our window.  The rainbow made me feel at peace that everything would be alright.  A special thank you to Elder Reynolds, who is very special to Bailey, for coming to be a part of the blessing.  We miss seeing you every day!

Bailey sure does love her Papa!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bath time

Bath time at the hospital became a huge fight because Bailey had to be all taped up so that her PICC line in her arm didn't get wet.  She kicks and screams saying, "No Tape! No Tape!".  Luckily the nurses gave Bailey some nice foaming bubble bath to take her mind off of the tape!

Friday, October 29, 2010


Brittlynn got to go to her pre-school halloween party.  Grammy did such a wonderful job dressing her up since mom wasn't able to get out of the hospital.  Thanks Grammy!

My beautiful "Queen Fairy" not "fairy princess" as Brittlynn says.

What a surprise it was to see our Britty all dressed up for Halloween!